Managed Services from top to bottom

We not only manage the infrastructure, but also the application life cycle by keeping it up-to-date and secured.

One company, one team, one bill for all your digital assets

Appmart is one stop shop for all your digital needs for web presence to crm and invoicing.

Focus on your business

We design our systems and follow the best practices for all applications in our catalog. This means that you don't need to worry about your applications. We monitor, scale up and down your infrastructure and keep in stable for you

Proactive support and consultants a call away

You can speak to our consultant to choose the best application for you

Freedom to choose

Our catalog have applications from different categories, but with different top rated vendors too. Choose the applications that suits best your needs

Key features

One-stop-shop for all your needs

A single service that gives you [the customer] wide-range of products and services with portal for easy navigation so you can drill down and compare the products most relevant to you. You can learn about each product benefit, feature, and detail through our application profile page. Built-in rating system will guarantee first-hand feedback before you buy the product. Automatic suggestions and pre-defined bundles will mix and match services to serve your needs best.

Single control plane for all your services

You can access and manage all of your cloud services from one secure location. No need for tens of different passwords and support portals. Once subscription, one control panel and one support center to rule them all.

Hosting to choose from

Choosing the right software is just half of the journey, right? You have to manage the infrastructure too. Appmart gives you managed service and plenty of hosting options to choose from. You can host your chosen applications in Amazon, Google or your local hosting provider. And we manage all that for you.

Services from different vendors

By decoupling the infrastructure from the vendor we are able to give you wide-range of services from different providers. Lets say you want to switch your invoicing software? Do it within the platform by choosing different application from another vendor!

Manage your product life-cycle

Your business has grown? So your needs! Appmart gives you flexibility to manage the life-cycle of your applications in the cloud and control the resources you need to operate.