FREE, open-source and easy to use ecommerce platform!

No monthly fees, no catches; just an effective and customizable platform for your new ecommerce store. Simply install, choose your template, and add products and you’re ready to start accepting orders. Stick with the modern, responsive default theme or choose from thousands of themes online to make
your store unique and perfectly suited for your business.


Opencart is an easy to-use, powerful, Open Source online store management program that can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end. Administrative area simply by filling in forms and clicking “Save”. There are many professionally-written extensions available to customize the store to your needs.

An OpenCart store can be ready to take orders soon after installation. All you have to do is have it installed for you (any web hosts do it for free), select a template form the many free or low-cost template sites, and your product descriptions and photos, click a few settings, and you are ready to begin accepting orders. Our free Installation & Quick Start chapters show you how.
The public side or “Storefront” of OpenCart looks very professional and ready to sell almost as soon as it is installed.

Administrator Dashboard
All the important information available at a glimpse. Get a full overview of what is important with total orders, sales, customers, people online, sales analytics and many more widgets
User Management
In order to successfully organize an online store you will need to cooperate with many people, each performing different roles. OpenCart allows you to set advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users.
Responsive Mobile Friendly Commerce
Manage multiple stores from one admin interface. Set products to appear on different stores. Choose a different theme for each store. Localize store settings. Set per store product prices.
Options, attributes
Products come in different options. Some feature sizes, while others colors, length, height. No matter the case OpenCart offers a solution on adding extra important product variables.
Discounts, coupons, specials
Retailers often have to lower their prices to keep up with their competition. OpenCart offers discounts, coupons and specials to cover the most popular ways to get attention and increase sales.
Back-up and restore
Case of emergency? OpenCart allows you to set up your own back-ups and restorations. Looking for an easy way to update and bulk edit products, categories and everything else OpenCart? Discover the popular extensions in the marketplace


OpenCart is focused on an easy to understand, yet powerfull shop admin, and the customer shop experience. You have the payment gateway via Paypal in place from start, product variations and more. Products is per default displayed very straight forward. The template system is far easier to work with, than for example Wordpress with Woocommerce.

The plugin and template market does not seem to have as many professional developers as for example Wordpress.

Luminita P.Web designer

It is very simple and intuitive to use, even for those who do not have a great experience. You can add the products and their variants (it also depends on the type of product), create categories and subcategories to index the product range. In addition, thanks to journal themes, your website can be customised in colours in the menu layout.

Mario L.Developer


Why should I use the Premium Support?
The Premium Support is for everyone who wants to get professional worry-free technical support for their website. This is a brand new service that we are still working on improving so if you have any suggestions please drop us a line at [email protected]
How does the support work?
All support is handled via our ticket support system available at
How are bugs fixed?
All troubleshooting and issues are fixed using OpenCart’s coding standards, which means that we will not modify your core, thus keeping everything crisp and clean.
Are there any limitations to the Premium Support?
The Premium Support comes with an acceptable use of a maximum of 5 extension installations and 3 bug fixes per month.
What isn’t covered by the support?
The plan is limited to providing bug and issue support. We will not cover custom development and custom design. If are interested in custom design and custom development we would recommend the OpenCart Partners